General conditions

Terms and conditions
The below terms and conditions are intended to be simple and brief in order to facilitate understanding and agreement. However these terms and conditions are not exhaustive and should any matter arise that causes The Urban Retreat Apartments to incur liability, or any matter arise where it is clearly the responsibility of the Guest to make good on any obligations, then so shall be the case. In the event that these terms are revised then the most recent revision supersedes earlier revisions.

Guests will be made aware of any revisions that may affect them during their stay.

Definition of terms:

We means The Urban Retreat Apartments and The Urban Retreat Apartments means We.

The Guest means the person making the booking and associated parties that are authorised to stay in the apartment.

You means Guest.

Your means belonging to you the Guest.

Property means the apartment, common parts, the building, and all the associated properties of the business.

1 Payment

1.1 For periods up to 3 month the entire amount shall be paid in advance.

1.2 For periods greater than 3 months, the booking will be renewed in accordance with 3 below.

1.3 A valid passport and credit/debit card are required for all bookings.

2 Deposits

2.1 Any deposits excess can be used to offset balances due for accommodation and any damages.

2.2 Damages are not limited to the deposit amount taken. The cost to the Guest will be the remediation or replacement.


3 Renewals

3.1 Stays are bookable for up to a maximum of 90 days. For stays greater than this the booking will be renewed in accordance with the terms in 1, subject to availability.

3.2 For bookings greater than 90 days the booking will be renewed and confirmed. The first three months will be paid in advance

and then monthly payments will be taken from the start of the second month until the total amount owed has been paid.

3.3 Guests failing to make payments on time in accordance with the payment schedule will be asked to vacate the apartment immediately.


4 Cancellation and amendments

4.1 The Urban Retreat Apartments may need to amend or reallocate bookings at any time due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances beyond our control, such as but not exclusively, broken water pipes, electricity outages or fire.

4.2 During the months of June, July, August and December a 6-week cancellation notice will apply - if guests cancel fails to give 6 weeks or greater notice, we will charge 100% of the rental fee. For stays outside of this period a 4-week cancelation period will apply.

For stays of four weeks or greater, these bookings will be non-cancellable.

4.3  Above also applies to a Guest wishing to cease a tenure mid-term.

4.4 The cancellation policy is liable to change. Any variations to the cancellation policy will be communicated to you via email.

4.5 Cancellations of any cleaning services require a minimum of 24 hours notice - If guests fail to obide they will be liable for the cost. 


5 Damages / security deposit

5.1 Damages caused by Guests will be charged against the credit card details held.

5.2 The amount that will be charged will be the cost of repair or remediation.


6 Bills

6.1 All bills including water, gas, electricity are included in the apartment rates.

6.2 Should a separate telephone line be requested then this will be billed separately.



7.1 VAT on accommodation is applied at the standard rate of 20% for the first 28 consecutive days and at 4% from the 29th day onward up to the 90 day maximum consecutive days.

7.2 For stays renewed after 90 days the VAT cycle will start again.


8 Inspections and entering into the Apartments

8.1 Staff of The Urban Retreat Apartments shall be allowed to access the Property for inspections or maintenance as and when required.

We will make every effort to give You fore warning however should this not be possible then We will call at the door to give You warning.

We will endeavor to make this at convenient times where possible.


9 Visitors

9.1 You are fully responsible for your visitors to the Property, including damage and liability caused by them.

9.2 Your obligations under these terms and conditions extend to your visitors.

10 Smoking

10.1 The apartments are non-smoking.

10.2 Should there be a smell of smoke, specialists cleaners will be called in and Guests will be charged the cost of professional cleaning.

11 Pets

11.1 Pets are not allowed in the apartments.

11.2 Guests may be asked to leave immediately and Your booking cancelled without refund should pets be found in the apartments.

11.3 Should Guests bring a pet into the apartment and the apartment require specialist cleaning, Guests will be charged the cost of professional cleaning.

12 Entertaining/noise and disturbance

12.1 In the event You are entertaining visitors, numbers and noise should be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb other Guests and neighbours.

12.2 Noise and disturbance may result in Guests being asked to leave immediately and Your booking cancelled with immediate effect and without refund.


13 Liability

13.1 We will not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal effects howsoever arising at the apartment or in the apartment block or its grounds.

13.2 Any equipment that the Guest wishes to use that is not the property of The Urban Retreat Apartments can only be brought in and used with written permission.

All such equipment must comply with the relevant regulations and safety standards. The Urban Retreat Apartments may at its discretion arrange

for its own contractors to inspect any such equipment. The cost of such inspection shall be borne by the Guest. The Guest will comply

with any requirement or direction imposed by The Urban Retreat Apartments following such inspection.

13.3 We cannot be held responsible for any failure or interruption to services to the apartment, for example, gas, water and electricity, or for any damage,

disturbance or noise caused as a result of maintenance work being carried out or alarms in any part of the Property.

13.4 We are not liable for loss or damage to Guests' belongings, however caused. Guests should ensure that that their own insurance policy covers these items during their stay at the Property.


14 No tenancy created

14.1 The Property is not for use as the principal or additional home or residence of the Guests.

The Property is only to be used either as temporary accommodation, holiday accommodation, or as accommodation in connection with the business travel needs of You,

Your organisation and/or the Guests, as appropriate and no tenancy of the Property is created (periodic or otherwise).

No relationship of landlord and tenant is created between us and the Guests. No persons other than the Guests have the right to use the Property.

14.2 These Conditions constitute an excluded agreement under section (3A)(7)(a) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 (as amended)

and cannot be construed as an assured tenancy under the Housing Act 1988 (as amended).


15 Common parts

15.1 All terms and conditions apply to common parts of the building, reception area and all parts of the business.


16 Keys

16.1 Two sets of keys will be given to Guests for each apartment.

16.2 Where keys are lost and apartment door locks need to be changed, Guests will be charged for the cost of changing the locks.


17 Call-outs outside normal business hours

17.1 A call out fee of £60 plus VAT will be charged when We are called out to the apartments outside of the hours on Monday to Friday 07:30 to 19:00

for any issues that are the fault of the Guest.

17.2 Such items include but are not limited to lost keys, keys locked into the apartment, Guest assistance on non-critical matters.

18 Children

18.1 Children are welcome but parents take full responsibility for their children including any damage or injury

19 Agreement to terms and conditions

19.1 By agreeing to these terms and conditions You agree to abide by what is set out here.

19.2 Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in Your booking being cancelled without refund.

19.3 In the event that You are liable to a charge for damage, lost keys, call-outs outside standard hours or any other matter that You are deemed liable for,

You agree for Your credit card left on record to be charged. You will be provided with a receipt for the charges and details of the charge.

These terms and conditions will be supplied to you at the time of securing your booking and thus by securing your booking with a payment you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The Urban Retreat Apartments