Mayfair is a London district that is synonymous with sophistication, history, and charm. Its elegant squares, fine dining restaurants, exclusive shops, and art galleries, make Mayfair an incredible destination when visiting London. In this article, we’ll explore the quintessentially British tradition of pub-going within the district of Mayfair. Its pubs are more than places to down a pint, but rather historic taverns that meet the luxurious standard of the Mayfair neighbourhood. If you are planning a trip to London, Urban Retreat Rentals has a collection of prestigious apartments that are comfortable, elegant, and of course are conveniently located to have you just steps away from the best pubs in Mayfair!

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The Iconic Pubs of Mayfair

Whether you’re a local or just visiting the district, the unique charm of the pubs in Mayfair is an experience not to be missed and to really understand the uniqueness of the pubs in this area, you need to consider the neighbourhood’s history of exclusivity and aristocracy. There are so many historic establishments in the area that truly are the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to have a touch of historic charm with their night out, but also house many innovative modern pubs, that are creating new cocktails and bringing the art of mixology to London. The pubs in Mayfair are the perfect blend of British tradition with contemporary style and flair.

Discovering the Best Pubs in Mayfair: A Local's Guide

As Mayfair’s pub scene is as diverse as it is captivating, let’s journey through the streets of Mayfair, to explore its most beloved establishments. Each venue has its own story to tell, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through its doors. Here are our picks for the best pubs in Mayfair:

The Audley Public House

Located at the corner of Mount Street and South Audley Street, The Audley Public House is a proud example of British hospitality. This Victorian pub stands out with its red-brick façade and welcoming atmosphere. It offers a wide selection of ales, beers, and traditional British “pub food”, such as Scotch Eggs, Bangers and Mash and even a roast on Sundays. It is well-known for its elegant interior, full of wood panelling and decorations, but also moonlights as an art gallery with some amazing photographs and paintings hung throughout the pub’s walls. The Audley Public House is open 7 days a week and no reservation is required. 

Located above the pub is the Mount St. Restaurant & Rooms, which is a more formal dining experience and art gallery showcasing some unique art commissions. The Audley Street Public House makes the top of our list of the best pubs in Mayfair since it embodies the exact representation of a traditional English pub.

The Audley Public House​

The Guinea Mayfair Pub

The Guinea Mayfair Pub is famous for its exceptional steak and traditional pies, of course, also for its selection of wines and ales as well. 

Located on Bruton Place, this pub originally opened in 1423 as an inn. The steakhouse and pub were later established in 1952 and have been serving some of the best dry-aged steaks since then. 

Undoubtedly, it is rich in history and therefore makes it a must-see for anyone visiting Mayfair. It even has private dining rooms available for up to 28 people, perfect for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries!

The-Guinea pub

The Barley Mow Pub Mayfair

Tucked away on Duke Street, The Barley Mow is well-known for its intimate atmosphere and diverse range of beers. What makes this pub so charming is the mix of tradition and modernity. 

The original building has been restored and offers a pub on the ground floor, a restaurant on the 1st floor and additional private rooms for dinner parties and events. 

The Barley Mow pub on the ground floor also caters to music lovers, as they host live shows every Wednesday and Thursday.

The Barley Mow Pub Mayfair​

The Coach & Horses

With two locations in Mayfair, The Coach & Horses is arguably the most popular pub in Mayfair, well if not the most popular, definitely the oldest, serving drinks since 1744. There is one location found on Bruton Street, while the other pub is on Hill Street, each offering a distinct experience. What they share in common is their extensive beer list, popular British meals and pub fair, and a lively ambience. 

Whether you are looking for a quick bite or to sit and chat with some friends all night long, either location is a great choice!
*It is important to note that the kitchen is temporarily closed and will not be back in service until further notice.

The Coach & Horses​

The White Horse

Located on New Bond Street, The White Horse is renowned for its elegant decor, and upscale atmosphere, appealing to a sophisticated crowd. What was once an abandoned piano bar, The White Horse now has an impressive selection of spirits and cocktails, perfectly combining the charms of a traditional British pub with the luxury that Mayfair is known for. It’s the ideal spot for those looking for the finer things in life. 

The pub is open Monday through Saturday but it’s important to note that it is closed on Sundays.

The White Horse​

Embark on Your Mayfair Pub Adventure with Urban Retreat Apartments

Mayfair’s pubs prove to be a touch above your standard local bar as they embody history and tradition by serving upscale drinks, spirits and ales. From the historic walls of The Guinea Mayfair Pub to the chic atmosphere of The White Horse, every pub in Mayfair offers an unforgettable experience. Pop in for a quick drink, or a bite to eat or plan a special Sunday roast with family and friends. One certain thing is that Mayfair pubs are all equipped to show you a great time!

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