Arguably, the Unites State’s most cherished sport is Football. No, not the sport actually played with your foot, but instead what we call American Football. An exhilarating and rough sport, where tackling is encouraged and the ball is held in the players’ hands, rather than dribbled along by foot. 

The National Football League, known as the NFL, has steadily carved out an enthusiastic fan base across the pond, turning London into an American Football lover’s dream. This offers a unique blend of American culture with a flair of British charm and sophistication. For those planning a trip to London to experience NFL London 2024, there is no better place than to experience it in Mayfair. Apart from the pubs and bars in the area prompt to play the game, Urban Retreat Apartments, located on the prestigious North Audley Street in Mayfair, offers the best accommodation for your post-game downtime.

Discover as we unfold everything London has to offer for those wanting to experience NFL London 2024!

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London's NFL Fan Culture

At first, you might be wondering, “Why is the NFL even playing in London?” – the answer is that the National Football League often holds international games during the regular season. Perhaps to draw some new crowds and to cater to those faithful fans overseas, this year, the NFL has chosen Munich along with London as the lucky international destinations. 

The NFL’s partnership with London has been in existence since 2007 and always brings in big crowds. Playing in London this year are the Chicago BearsMinnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars

London has embraced the NFL and there is a fascinating fan culture among fellow Brits and other Europeans. The great thing about holding these international games in London is that it draws fans from all over the country and nearby neighbouring countries too, who finally have the chance to experience a live game. 

As London buzzes with anticipation, organised fan meets, themed events, and viewing parties, are being prepared. Although it is an ocean away from America, you can sense the energy in the city, awaiting the NFL to come to London. In the US, pre-game traditions are an essential part of the game-day experience, often gatherings at local sports bars or tailgating – where car parks are transformed into a celebration, with barbecues set up in the boots of pick-up trucks. A sense of togetherness and high energy fills the hours before the start of the game. A true necessity to get any NFL fan ready for the big game. 


Where to Watch NFL in London: Stadiums

London itself holds an advantage in hosting the NFL in 2024. As a sport-loving city, London is well equipped with state-of-the-art stadiums, fully prepared to take on the Football fans. The NFL London 2024 games will take place in two of the city’s most iconic stadiums. Wembley Stadium will serve as the home field for the Jacksonville Jaguars during their London games. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosts the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

It is an interesting situation as each stadium offers its unique charm to fans. Wembley Stadium is a classic and historical event centre while Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a newer, more modern sporting venue. 

Surly, both stadiums will offer an unforgettable backdrop for NFL London’s games.

Wembley Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Grab Your Seats: NFL London 2024 Tickets Guide

Making sure that you secure tickets to the NFL London 2024 games is crucial if you want to experience the games first-hand. Tickets have not gone on sale yet, but you can sign up for a mailing list and be notified as soon as they do. 

Monitoring social media and checking the official NFL UK website are also good resources for knowing when tickets are finally released and for additional information about sale prices and bundle deals. 

Gear Up: Exploring the NFL Shop Scene in London

For those who want to look the part, finding official jerseys and gear of your favourite team is necessary. You will likely find merchandise trickling into London’s department store’s sports section, or perhaps see a street vendor selling hats and giant foam fingers. However, the NFL shop in London is our suggested place to go, offering a wide range of merchandise from jerseys and hats to exclusive collectables. This also ensures that you are buying official merchandise and not fake versions, helping you look and feel game-day-ready. Of course, the official NFL UK website also offers NFL merch for those who can’t make it to London but would like a piece of memorabilia.


Top Venues and Sports Bars

Not all of us will be able to watch the games live in the stadiums, but luckily, there are many venues and sports bars located in London, and in the Mayfair neighbourhood, that cater to NFL fans.

The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square and The Sports Bar & Grill chain are some popular places advertising the games, meanwhile, well-known sports pubs in the Mayfair neighbourhood, like Bonds Mayfair, Kings Arms and The Barley Mow Pub Mayfair are all great local areas catering to NFL fans. Some pubs are even offering American-style menus to really make you feel like you are tailgating at the game.

Make Your NFL London 2024 Experience Unforgettable with Urban Retreat Apartments

As NFL London 2024 approaches, American Football lovers are carefully planning their trips to London to experience all the excitement to be held in the city. One thing is for sure, it won’t just be local Londoners attending, the city is opening its arms to the world and you better be sure to secure your tickets, pub reservations and accommodation!

Urban Retreat Apartments in Mayfair is a great option for those looking for an unparalleled luxury experience for NFL London 2024. Offering luxury, convenience, and a touch of home, it’s the perfect base to explore London’s NFL scene within Mayfair and beyond. For individuals, couples or larger groups and families, Urban Retreat Apartments has something for everyone. Discover our one-bedroom suits, 2 bedroom penthouse and gorgeous three-bedroom maisonette, that sleeps 8.

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