London is perhaps one of the world’s most bustling cities and tourist destinations. There is so much history, culture and amazing gastronomy to experience here, that you could spend days wandering around the various districts and neighbourhoods and still not see it all. One of the most prestigious parts of London is Mayfair. Known for its exclusive shop, art galleries and exquisite dining, it is a must-visit location if you want to soak in luxury and sophistication. And, in the centre of it all is the Mercato Mayfair, a charming location known for its architecture and diverse culinary offerings.

In this article, we will explore all the ins and outs of the Mercato Mayfair. From its fascinating history to stalls offering delicious products and dishes, Mercato Mayfair is a great place to have a drink and a bite to eat.

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Discover Mercato Mayfair's Charm

Located within the historic St. Mark’s Church, Mercato Mayfair is a stunning architectural structure. Just from the outside view, the old church stands as a neoclassical construction, with Corinthian columns and details highlighting London’s rich architectural and historical heritage. 

The church is a Grade I listed building, meaning that it is considered nationally important and therefore has extra legal protection within the planning system, making it a national treasure.

Inside the food market, you can still see the original religious carvings and stained glass windows, giving the Mercato an extra touch of opulence. It is this mix of tradition and vibrant modern atmosphere that makes the Mercato Mayfair a beloved destination for locals and visitors. You can find groups of friends chatting away with a drink, stalls selling locally sourced products and dishes and even live music performances in the evenings and on weekends.

The Best Gourmet Products and Eats in Mercato Mayfair

Mercato Mayfair is a foodie’s dream, housing a wide array of stalls offering some of the finest gourmet products in London. The market features food vendors that specialise in high-quality ingredients, prioritising sustainability.

With a rich variety of stalls and high-quality offerings, Mercato Mayfair provides not just food, but a full sensory experience for gourmet enthusiasts looking to explore the best of what London’s culinary scene has to offer. The market is full of kitchens from all around the world, offering traditional English pubfair to Italian and Indian cuisines.

It is important to note that the Mercato is considered a “shared kitchen”, meaning that although each vendor has their own cooks and offerings, certain allergy restrictions cannot be guaranteed. Please speak directly to each vendor to specify your dietary needs before ordering!

Delicious Gastronomic Options in Mercato Mayfair

Whether you’re craving a quick bite from a street food vendor or a more refined meal, you can find it all at Mercato Mayfair. There is such an eclectic mix of cuisines available, such as:

  • Beast & Field: Grilled Meat, Burger and Wine
  • Matcha Metropolitano: Traditional Japanese Matcha
  • Dez Amore: Fresh and Authentic Pasta
  • Rico Coco Cocktail Bar: Cocktail Bar
  • Badiani: The Iconic Italian Gelato & Coffee
  • Molo: Lobsters and Oysters
  • BeBeMe: Bar and Wine Shop (the Crypt)
  • Soleado: Spanish Market Restaurant
  • Pad Thai House: Asian Fusion Street Food
  • GermanKraft: Authentic German Beer (Ground floor and The Crypt)
  • Sushi Tonari: Sushi Sake Bar
  • Jim & Tonic: Organic and Artisanal Gin (Ground floor and The Crypt)
  • Bindas Eatery: Indian Kitchen
  • Fresco: Authentic Neapolitan Pizza
  • The Nunhead Gardener: Community Garden Stores
  • Steamy & Co: Bao, Dumplings and Ramen

Some of our favourites are the famous Cacio & Pepe pasta from Dez Amore in a giant parmesan cheese wheel, the incredibly rich lobster rolls in a brioche bun at Molo and of course, the refreshing cocktails at Rico Coco’s.


The Distinct Parts of Mercato Mayfair

Housing the Marcato Mayfair in St. Mark’s Church gives many layers to the market. There are three distinct areas to the Mayfair Mercato:

The Main Hall, which was once the primary area of the church, is now the main food hall. It has stunning high vaulted ceilings and preserved religious frescoes.

Below the Main Hall, is where you can find the Crypt. This lower level of Mercato Mayfair is where the prestigious wine cellar of the market is found. You can browse the many bottles and even order a cheese pairing platter to accompany your glass of red or white. The crypt has arched brick ceilings that create the cosiest and most romantic ambience.

Finally, above the Mercato is the Rooftop Terrace that gives a more modern and chic vibe, perfectly fitting for the Mayfair district. This space has a garden area with panoramic views of Mayfair. It’s the ideal spot for a cocktail and enjoying some live music and DJ sets.

Each area of the Mercato Mayfair offers something different, whether a night out with friends, a quick bite with the kids or a romantic evening out, you must add it to your list of places to see while in Mayfair.


Events and Activities in the Mayfair Mercato

Each month, the Mercato organises an array of events, classes and experiences, including sports and games, quiz nights, music events and kids activities.

Some upcoming events include Kraft Brewery Tours, you can buy tickets here, Quiz Nights, which take place every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm, and live Jazzme performances every Wednesday evening held in the crypt.

You can check out the full list of events and activities on the Mercato Mayfair website.

Stay, Explore, and Savor the Mercato Mayfair

The Mayfair Mercato stands out as a unique part of the Mayfair neighbourhood, offering meals and experiences that cater to every visitor. From the historical architecture of the former Church to yummy meals offered in the Main Hall, Crypt, and Rooftop Terrace, this market offers a dynamic blend of old and new. For those planning to explore the Mercato Mayfair and enjoy London’s best on holiday, Urban Retreat Apartments offers ideal accommodations. Located conveniently near the market, these luxurious apartments provide the perfect base for exploring Mayfair and beyond.