Mayfair is known as London’s go-to neighbourhood if you are looking to indulge in elegance and luxury. Renowned for its high-end boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and prestigious art galleries, the Mayfair district is a spectacular area.

In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on Audley Street, one of the loveliest streets within the Mayfair neighbourhood, as we delve into the very best it has to offer, from exclusive shopping experiences to gourmet eateries and architectural sites. And, of course, what would a stay in Mayfair be without luxurious accommodation? When planning your next London adventure, Urban Retreat Apartments positions you perfectly to explore Audley Street and the broader Mayfair area.

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The Historical Significance of Audley Street

Dating back to the 18th century, Audley Street boasts a rich aristocratic past which can be clearly seen in its elegance today. Originally developed in the Georgian era, it became a residential area for the upper class, with large brownstone townhouses and elegant squares and parks nearby. This prestigious street was named after Sir Thomas Audley, whose descendant, Lord Audley, owned the land that the neighbourhood of Mayfair currently sits on. Over the years, Audley Street has maintained its aristocratic charm, with its historical buildings and refined ambience. Today, the street is full of luxury shops and restaurants, known to be a haven for foodies!

An Ode to Audley Street: A Foodie Affair

As Audley Street expanded from just a privileged residential area to commerce and services, food lovers began to take notice and flocked to the area. London’s culinary evolution has been growing immensely and the appreciation for fine dining, gourmet grocery shops, and international cuisine continues to grow. As Mayfair transformed into a beloved area for luxury and sophistication, Audley Street followed suit by opening high-end restaurants, boutique cafes, and artisanal food shops. Some of our most recommended eateries are 34 Mayfair, perfect for a weekend brunch before some shopping in Mayfair, and Roka, a Japanese sushi bar that has been in business for over 20 years. They have set tasting menus starting at £85 per person and a la carte options. Found on South Audley Street is Socca Bistro, a French restaurant that also offers the most decadent afternoon tea imaginable! Lastly, another culinary stop on Audley Street that we highly suggest is The Ivy Asia, known for its opulent decor and delicious food, it is a dining experience that will take you to another part of the world. Just spectacular!


Luxury Shopping and Dining: Your Guide to Audley Street's Boutiques

If luxury shopping is your guilty pleasure, Audley Street is your paradise. From high-end fashion boutiques to impressive jewellers, there are so many shops to visit along the way. For any gentleman looking for a unique look, we recommend visiting Richard Gelding for tailor-made suits, originally founded in 1976, they offer high-end Italian fabrics and brands. For those looking to own a piece of the past, there are luxury antique shops such as the Mayfair Gallery, which truly is a sight to see and fashion brands such as Monique Lhuillier and Stefano Ricci.

The Mercato Mayfair

When St. Mark’s Church was Deconsecrated in 1974, it left the stunning church building vacant, but luckily after restoration, it is now home to Mayfair’s gastronomical hub. Located on North Audley Street, the Mercato Mayfair is a two-floored international food market, with a roof-top terrace and wine cellar. It is open 7 days a week (including bank holidays) Mon – Thur from 12 – 11 pm, Fri – Sat from 12 – 12 am, and Sun from 12 – 10:30 pm.
We recommend coming here with a group of friends as the atmosphere is loud and lively, giving the perfect backdrop for a fun night out! Also, the more friends you come with, the more you can pick and try from the various stalls in the main hall.


Exploring the Architectural Marvels of Audley Street

Audley Street isn’t just about shopping and dining; it’s also a very impressive street known for its architectural beauty. From the grandeur of Victorian mansions to the elegance of Georgian townhouses, Audley Street in Mayfair is an outdoor museum of London’s architectural evolution. Some noteworthy buildings include the grand Audley Square and the historic Grosvenor Chapel. Audley Square is a stone building that is an impressive sight to see, with current projects in the works to turn the blocks of mansions into residential luxury homes, this building is a sight to see for architecture lovers. Grosvenor Chapel on the other hand is an active parish that has served the Mayfair neighbourhood since 1730. The Chapel is open Monday through Friday for visits and holds Sunday mass at 11 am.

Finally, something truly unique to Audley Street is the pavement roundels. Commissioned by the Grosvenor Estate, these circular plates adorn the pavement along Audley Street as a homage to businesses that used to be located along the street, including grocers, butchers, bakers and carpenters. Next time you are strolling down Audley Street, make sure to look down and have a look at the interesting images depicted on these plaques.


What to Look Out for in Audley Street: Events & Things to Do

There’s always some event happening on Audley Street, from art exhibitions to seasonal markets. Keep an eye out for events at the Mercato Mayfair, which regularly hosts workshops and live music. Many local speciality shops and bodegas offer wine-tasting events and local artist showcases take place at galleries, Audley Street offers unique experiences that celebrate the best of London’s culture.

Staying in Mayfair: The Best Accommodations Near Audley Street

When visiting Mayfair, you want to match the luxurious neighbourhood to its equivalent accommodation. This is where Urban Retreat Apartments stand out as the premier choice. With a variety of apartments available for couples and families of all sizes, the perfectly situated Urban Retreat Apartments is the perfect base to explore Audley Street, just steps away from indulging in all the luxuries that the area has to offer. From its historical roots to its contemporary luxuries, we invite you to visit this upscale cultural marvel within Mayfair.